Here are several IP posts that you should check out:

  • The MTTLR Blog’s Lauren Strandbergh has an interesting post (click here for it) about the implications of the Google Book’s settlement and how the Book Rights Registry — a Copyright Clearance Center or ASCAP-like entity that will, among other things, distribute proceeds from out-of-print books to the authors or rights holders  — will change the publishing industry.  Strandbergh raises the right questions, but we will only get answers as we ee how the system works.
  • [UPDATE:]  Speaking of the Copyright Clearance Center and ASCAP, the WSJ Law Blog has a post today (click here to read it) based upon this WSJ story (subscription required for the full text) about two new companies that are aggregating patents and guaranteeing never to assert those patents against their members.  It is not clear from the story if they plan to assert them against non-members, but it is an interesting move in the struggle between non-practicing entities and corporations that feel targeted by patent litigation.  I believe there have been industry-specific versions of these companies in Europe for some time.  As I understand some of those entities, the do assert their patents against non-members to help fund operations.
  • Victoria Pynchon offers advice for dealing with those uncomfortable Thanksgiving political conversations with family and friends at her Settle It Now Negotiation blog — click here to read it.  The advice translates well for unwinable conversations with opposing counsel.
  • This week’s Blawg Review is up at LawyerCastingclick here to read it.  It provides lots of advice for lawyers dealing with the tough economic times.